Problem: Filming a glider

Filming a Glider: a short documnetary shot for the Italian TV serial “No Limits” .
It’s the story of a triangle flight of 1.300 km in the Alps. You need to start from an airport and to return to the same airport after 1.300 km turning around two pylons forming a very long triangle.
Having only 10 hours to flight (Landing means you have lost the record) you need a very fast flight and in the Alps the meteorological conditions are very difficolt. Only few pilots have succeded this performance.
aliante-3 The original flight hasn’t been filmed so we decided to remake a new flight following the same route. The “record” has been filmed using 4 different airplanes: a Pilatus Porter ( to pull up the glider and to film it trough the lateral window) a Morane Saulnier ( to film the glider down-up trough the sliding transparent cover) and a Piper Cub ( the only one able to fly very slowly to stay close to the glider in the mountain. The last airplane was a Cessna 185 to film the POVs.

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