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Jim-Bridwell-all'uscita-da- Jim ( the first on the left) on top of the Capitan at the end of Pacific Ocean Wall 1978

Jim Bridwell is one of the protagonists of world mountaineering. The film narrates his story using images and tales, but above all through several interviews that were made of him and other popular climbers. We can see Bridwell climbing some of his historical routes together with other young modern climbers. There is an historical documentary of 1981 which reports one of the famous ascents of Zodiac together with Fred East and it is a real homage to this great hero of world climbing.

Copertina film: Jim Bridwell The Yosemite Living Legend The DVD cover

There are many extras : interviews to Silvia Vidal, (the first European woman to climb in solo Zodiac), to Scott Burke (the second to climb the Nose free), to the director (who interviews him self!) to Cesare Maestri ( the Italian climber who opened the Via del Compressore to the Cerro Torre)

Maps and photos of the easy routes of Yosemite, and so on.

Jim+Kauk+Radici during the filming WEB Bridwell, Ron kauk and the Director during the shooting

The film is spoken in english but is subtitled in four languages (Italian, German, French and English (for the Italian interviews)

CLIMBING’s Review (September 2009)

The fascinating film Jim Bridwell: the Yosemite Living Legend seeksto settle the question “Who is Jim Bridwell”? Over the next hour, we learn he’s : the archtype of the Yosemite climber, with  a 20-year Valley reign; standard pusher, with the first Nose in a day and FAs of the Aquarian Wall, Sea of dreams, and Pacific Ocean Wall; gear inventor; YOSAR lion,; and ground-up purist. ( “This lack of commitment isn’t right. It’s like painting a mustache on the Monna Lisa” Bridwell laments.) One treat is 1981 footage from Zodiac (VI5.11 A3+)  in which Bridwell, aiding a naked corner, takes a 40-foot ripper after realizing he needs hi copperheads. His response: “Shit” and then, calmly, “I’ll need the chisel, too.” The movie also captures Bridwell’s comedic side and Camp 4 culture, detailin, for instance, the electricity-siphoning “Operation Edison” and the iconic pic of Bridwell, LArgo, and Billy Westbay in front of El Cap after their 1975 sprint up the Nose

Kristin Bjornsen

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