Sports’ photographers

When I was shooting for the “No Limits” series, and not only, I had the company of some of the best sport photographers. Among them, I remember with particular pleasure Philippe Fragnol and Dario Ferro.

From these films, (as the client wanted a great number of pictures to fill pages and pages of his magazine No Limits),  were born back stage pictures which exemplify at the best some situations which otherwise would get lost, because nobody has the time or the leisure to shoot photographs.

Inside the pages (look at the sliding menus on the right)  you will find some pictures who tell some anecdotes of my films

Icefal 8

Here is an example.

We are on the set of Icefalls, a film with Giorgio Passino and Alessandro Crudo, for the No Limits series. I am cornered in a little crevasse beside the main one, suspendend by two icescrews. Between the legs of Giorgio Passino you can see an assistant who manoeuvers a powerful torch, powered by a generator which is outside the crevasse , to light the ice and create some interesting reflections. Giorgio’s headlamp is  a boosted  torch powered by a 12 volt battery carried on his harness on the opposite side from me.

icefall 5 Icefall 2

Another example. On the left you see the image as seen on the screen, on the right the scene is shot by a friend behind my back . The camera assistant , besides belaying me, has with him a rucksack with film stock, lenses and several accessories. We are 50 mt high from the valley floor, on a ledge 50 cm wide.

It’s interesting to see that the different angles of the pictures tell different details : the effective shooting (on the  left) shows several stalactites making the shot far more interesting and dramatic, creating a sort of a barrier which increases the suspence for the continuation of the film.