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Danilo Cogrossi, former Olympic diving champion , has long since abandoned the 10 metre board… for the 28 one! Diving from that height means entering the water at 88 km per hour and the tiniest error would be fatal, but Danilo thinks he can do better.
He wants to dive from that height among the gorges and the waterfalls where he has been practising torrentism for years. Since he gave up competing he has been training specifically to achieve his dangerous and ambitious dream.
The film has been shot for the TV serial called “No Limits” in the 1995. You can see a clip of 9′ part of the 14′ film.


  • Skeno said:

    Molto bello!!!
    In che torrenti è stato girato? Alcuni li riconosco, altri no.
    (sono un appassionato ed ho un bel curriculum torrenstistico)


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