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Hi, If you find some pages with strange texts ( Obama stories, or any article speaking about something strange: nothing to do with filming extreme sports ) don’t be surprized. The Italian version is perfect but I have to translate the Italian texts in English, and it’s very difficult for me. So try to watch the Italian version of the site ( films, photos, posts…) and in few weeks I shall finish the translation.

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Jim ( the first on the left) on top of the Capitan at the end of Pacific Ocean Wall 1978
Jim Bridwell is one of the protagonists of world mountaineering. The film narrates his story using images and tales, but above all through several interviews that were made of him and other popular climbers. We can see Bridwell climbing some of his historical routes together with other young modern climbers. There is an historical documentary of 1981 which reports one of the famous ascents of Zodiac together with Fred East …

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